Cruel fate, I laugh at you!
I have survived to live another day.
Damn the consequence.
Let our throats ache, screaming huzzah!
Savor the sweet nectar of survival.
Taste the reward of cavorting to excess.
I laugh in the face of peril,
the wind in my hair
Victory is mine!

This one day
I will survive the tragedy.
I will happily navigate these waters.

Will this craftsmanship fail?
Certainly. It will all unravel.
But not this day.

Hey, You Were on TV! — And “The Tent-O’-Surrealism”

A local news crew was kind enough to interview me on camera at the Historic West End ARTSFest about my surrealist art. Check me out in this video:

Thanks, WFMY and Jessica for covering this event and chatting with me!
And for this mention on Twitter, too:

Many folks stopped by my setup and said, “Hey, I saw you on TV!” I usually responded with “And you came anyway? Wow!” WAKA WAKA. One couple mentioned to me it was the news segment that brought them to the show in search of unique art, which of course was very cool.

The weather was a drizzling soup, but not enough to keep visitors away altogether, so I was especially appreciative to have played a part in the PR that day. Those present were definitely the most interested, and I like to think if the sun were shining, there would have been even more of an already positive thing.

My takeaways: I had a great time, met many other cool artists, and sold several pieces to happy customers. And for me, that’s what it’s all about.

Behold, my Tent-O’-Surrealism:

Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS surreal art Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS surreal art

What do you think? Ever participated in an art or craft fair? Ever seen or discovered something happening locally that day then made the effort to visit in person? How do you enjoy local art? Let us hear from you in the comments.

International Literacy Day

Can you read this? Not everyone can. My own father was an educator for over three decades, many of which specifically involved helping grade school students improve their reading skills. He positively affected many lives this way, something I’m proud to have a tradition of myself, having tutored English as a second language and grammar in college. In that spirit, check out this infographic on international literacy from Grammarly:

Literacy Day

What do you think? Ever worked or volunteered in a reading program? Do you read to your children, or remember being read to as a child? Is there a teacher who impacted your literary/reading interests? Let us hear from you in the comments.

Your Favorite Surrealist Blogger Live In Person!

I’m proud to say I’ll be part of the Historic West End Arts Fest later this month in my city, Winston-Salem, NC. On Sunday, Sep 27, 2015, I’ll be slinging surrealism from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at this juried fine art and crafts festival featuring mainly North Carolina artists. Click through this excellent gallery featuring the beautiful work of others who will also be selling at this all-day event in a very cool location (with free parking & admission too):

Find out more at the event’s listing on Facebook, ArtBuzz, or the official site. You can even help out as a volunteer.

Historic West End Arts Fest 2015

What do you think? Do you visit local arts and craft fairs? Have you or any artists you know ever participated in one? Let us hear from you in the comments!

National Moth Week: Selected Artworks

It’s National Moth Week right now, and in honor of the event, I’m posting two works of art I’ve made this year featuring photos of moths I’ve taken from around my house. I’ve been documenting and creating art with these creatures for a few years now. Enjoy!


Vacationers - Richard Smith

Oceanus Rubigo

Oceanus Rubigo - Richard SmithAnd say hello to our models:


Living Colour – Middle Man

Call me old or whatever, but this video from one of my favorite bands, Living Colour, still rocks. And these guys are touring with Aerosmith right now, so hey.


Houseplant Or Treehouse?

HousePlant Or TreeHouse - Richard SmithIf you dig this, go see my more formal stuff over at Here, I’m just having fun with some shots snapped while walking the dog one afternoon. He had fun by peeing every 100 feet. Our block belongs to him now. Check out the source components below at Flickr.


What do you think? Ever mix photos together? Do you enjoy collage or photomontage as an art form? Any advice for dog walking? Let us hear from you in the comments!