KITT iPhone Wallpaper: Digital Ancestry

KITT iPhone Wallpaper

A modern-day tribute to K.I.T.T. of Knight Rider

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If you’re a Gen-Xer, there’s a chance you might have had a favorite TV show back in the early ’80s, Friday nights on NBC: Knight Rider. Sort of Dukes of Hazzard meets “the future” with David Hasselhoff as a renegade crime fighter…. and a TALKING CAR!

A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist...

Knight Rider: iPhone Ancestor © 1982 Universal Studios

Wow! A car that talks! Something as ubiquitous as a car that responds to voice commands with usable information? Some machinery that nearly all adults interact with daily can understand what we say and respond accordingly? Only in Hollywood or a James Bond film would we ever hope for such within our reach. Right?

iPhone Wallpaper - Siri weighs in

iPhone Wallpaper – Siri weighs in – click to play video via Gizmodo

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KITT I need you buddy!

Do you remember Knight Rider? Do you have another example of digital ancestry like KITT? What are your thoughts on David Hasselhoff? Let us hear from you in the comments.

5 thoughts on “KITT iPhone Wallpaper: Digital Ancestry

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  2. The Heretic

    That is awesome! Although I do not have an iPhone.

    I wouldn’t say I’m an expert on Knight Rider, just another person who really liked the show.

    Although here is something for you to look up if you ever get curious. There is a band called The Crown, their guitarist has a tendency for putting the Knight Rider theme in some sections of their songs. Some are pretty obvious to spot, some take a while to realize it.

    1. rsmithing

      Thanks for commenting — yes, it IS awesome! I bet the image works for non-iPhone models also, as long as you can pick your own image.

      I’m no expert, either, but your post is indeed very good. And one of the best things about the show to me is the theme. It jams. The syncopated, steady beat and fat synth sounds are dramatic and exciting to this day. Good on The Crown for working that in. I’ll have to check them out for sure.

  3. sremy

    I like the wallpaper. Not an iPhone fanboy, so cannot use it.
    Funnily enough on the subject, I have just watched The Big Bang Theory SE05E14, and it give another interesting perspective on Siri….


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