Jury Duty


Recently I was part of the process as a potential juror in our legal system. Having done this once before, I know there’s a ton of waiting around. Or, as seen through blogging iPhoneography eyes, some unique photo opportunities. I made it a mobile project to document what was nearby to the extent that you also may find it interesting, using only my iPhone and WordPress app, and of course, without discussing any elements of any case I or others may or may not be involved in. That said, I’d welcome your thoughts on these photos in the comments, or your thoughts about jury duty in general.

Have you been a juror lately? Without getting into case specifics, what was your experience like?

Queuing at security that morning. Not as bad as the airport, thankfully.

We were chilling in the pool. My usual pool chilling usually includes a cocktail, but hey.

Pretty sure this dude did not move for one solid hour.

More faces of waiting. We were all pretty much wired up via laptops, phones, etc.

Last time I served was two years ago for three days. Meanwhile, my work at the office wasn’t getting done, which was sort of a drag. Nevertheless, I’m glad to have done my part in the American judicial system, getting a decent hands-on civics lesson, and some unique blog material for afterward.

3 thoughts on “Jury Duty

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  2. Bob Stocking

    I was on jury duty once, nearly 15 years ago. Mine was the fourth name called. The trial lasted nearly a week. I remember how exhausting it was to listen so carefully to every word–I was so worried I’d miss something crucial. After lunch was the hardest; sitting across the courtroom from us was the bailiff, who dozed in his chair many afternoons.

    1. rsmithing

      Thanks for commenting, Bob. Fifteen years is a good long stretch. My last time was two years and three months ago — in other words, three months into being eligible again, there I was. And I sure know what you mean about that afternoon stretch. I’d have been having a hard time if not for some coffee right after lunch. Pretty bold of the bailiff to go for the full on snooze like that in your trial! Then again, who’s going to arrest him?


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