Macro view of a nail in the laundry room. Shot with my iPhone using a Photojojo macro lens and the Hipstamatic app, using its Buckhorst lens and Blanko film settings. I also raised the saturation and sharpened slightly in Photoforge 2. The untouched version of this image made the honor roll in a recent Instagram challenge, which inspired me to extend from my usual style and see what could be done within the limitations set by the contest, which indeed proved challenging, yet rewarding.

8 thoughts on “Single Image Sundays: Inch Nail

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  7. Tammy

    This is a really cool photo. Although I am not a photographer, as soon as I saw it, I knew that it was taken by an iPhone. A friend of mine has a blog about all the different photography aps there are for iPhones, so I see the images all the time. If you are interested, her blog is http://ashcroft54.com/.

    I love that your blurb about you says that your views do not reflect those of your cats!

    1. rsmithing

      Thank you for the kind words – I’m glad you dig this photo! And you’re correct – certain iPhone apps do have a “look” to them, especially Hipstamatic, which I used here. I’ll be checking out your friend’s blog for sure.

      And of course I make no claims of representing my cats’ views. Then again, most of my posts aren’t about sleeping, eating, and staring out the window. Thanks for commenting, Tammy!


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