Stylized Instamatic 104

Stylized Instamatic 104 by rsmithing

I dig the convergence of technology and time here in one brief second, now extended to the world and infinity. Here’s a snapshot of one of our modern photographic ancestors I modified with the amazing ToonPaint iPhone app, after shooting with Hipstamtic (a modern-retro simulator, no less). I found the camera at a sweet vintage shop called “Ideas” on Burke Street, Winston-Salem, NC.

What do you think? Do you see a connection between analog cameras and today’s mobile photography? What apps or camera discoveries have you made lately? Let us hear from you in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Stylized Instamatic 104

  1. hbw

    I was given an Instamatic for Christmas the year they came out (and I’ve still got it).. Best present I ever had. The ability to take good quality photos in black and white AND colour and the built in flash really were revolutionary – a superb piece of design. That camera was the beginning of a lifetime love affair with photography.

    1. rsmithing

      How cool that you still have the same camera! And it’s also enlightening to look back on specific moments when technology changes our lives. A similar thing happened to me with a Kodak Disc camera many Christmases ago, myself. Thanks for commenting, Helen!


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