Chainsaw Kittens: Pop Heiress Still Rules

Chainsaw Kittens - Pop Heiress

The Chainsaw Kittens’ 1994 album, Pop Heiress

I played the daylights out of Chainsaw Kittens records in the ’90s. The Kittens were an Oklahoma-based outfit who kicked out some bang-up fabulous alt-rock. I even got the band’s newsletter (literally a letter that came in the mail), one time with a note from singer Tyson Meade – a huge thrill back then. I had all their records memorized, even the obscure EPs (some of their most exciting stuff, in fact).

This week. I downloaded Pop Heiress after not hearing it for years, and wow, do those songs hold up. It’s been trippy and great hearing them in high fidelity – as opposed to a dubbed cassette copy of a CD playing through my crappy car speakers. These guys didn’t exactly make it big, but they definitely made a big impression on those who listened. Also good: Violent Religion, Flipped Out In Singapore, Chainsaw Kittens (self-titled album).

What do you think? Ever heard of The Chainsaw Kittens? What’s some music from your past that you’ve revisited lately? Let us hear from you in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Chainsaw Kittens: Pop Heiress Still Rules

      1. rsmithing Post author

        Listening for the first time right now. Initial impressions: WOW! Great to hear Tyson at it, and damn, those drums… wish they were louder! Thanks so much for coming back for an update. 🙂

  1. boots

    I LOVE THIS BAND!!!! Tyson Meade has a new record coming out in April. It features Jimmy Chamberlin, Jesse Tabish, Derek Brown, Vaden Lewis, and a Chinese prodigy violinist named Haffijy. He also recently cut a track with Norman-based band Corporate Ghost. He’s been doing live shows again and he still cuts to your bones with his vocal range and majestic showmanship.

    1. rsmithing

      That’s awesome! Chamberlin’s drumming with the Pumpkins was always impressive to me, and it’s great to hear Tyson’s still creating. Thanks very much for commenting!


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