Tweet Composition 101

Browsing some of my favorite tweets recently, I came across this and thought it too funny not to share:

I sometimes mark tweets as favorites as a reminder to myself to check something out at another time, to note something that might be a good retweet later on, or as in this case, just something funny for sharing somewhere.

What do you think? Are you active on Twitter? What is your favorite social media network (besides blogs, obviously)? Let us hear from you in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Tweet Composition 101

  1. Photobooth Journal

    I tweet all my blog posts automatically through WordPress’s dashboard but only ever tweet in a more personal way in response to someone tweeting me. I must admit I don’t really understand how Twitter works. I use Facebook but secretly hate it. It is too easy to share things too widely without really meaning to and the consequences of that can be very annoying and sometimes depressing. Tumblr is fun but I only use it infrequently to share photos.

    This is a fabulous tweet, by the way!

    1. Support

      Thanks for weighing in, Katherine. It took me a while to get Twitter-savvy as well. That definition varies from person to person, certainly. And I’m with you on Facebook. I only came into it as a result of MySpace’s deterioration, and now I’m on Instagram more than I was ever on either of those networks. Not that I do much networking, but hey. We’ll always have WordPress, right?


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