National Moth Week: Selected Artworks

It’s National Moth Week right now, and in honor of the event, I’m posting two works of art I’ve made this year featuring photos of moths I’ve taken from around my house. I’ve been documenting and creating art with these creatures for a few years now. Enjoy!


Vacationers - Richard Smith

Oceanus Rubigo

Oceanus Rubigo - Richard SmithAnd say hello to our models:


Living Colour – Middle Man

Call me old or whatever, but this video from one of my favorite bands, Living Colour, still rocks. And these guys are touring with Aerosmith right now, so hey.


Houseplant Or Treehouse?

HousePlant Or TreeHouse - Richard SmithIf you dig this, go see my more formal stuff over at Here, I’m just having fun with some shots snapped while walking the dog one afternoon. He had fun by peeing every 100 feet. Our block belongs to him now. Check out the source components below at Flickr.


What do you think? Ever mix photos together? Do you enjoy collage or photomontage as an art form? Any advice for dog walking? Let us hear from you in the comments!

RAW: Natural Born Artists – Supporters of Surrealism

I recently took part in a group artist showcase produced by the RAW: Natural Born Artists group. A rep from the organization noticed my Etsy shop, called me up, and invited me to join. I’m proud to say I am a RAW Artist, now having exhibited my handcrafted surrealism art in person. I sold several pieces to enthusiastic buyers, networked with my fellow creative tribe members, and was compelled to step up my game to make a solid impression. It’s so satisfying to take a chance with something you’re passionate about and have it work out well. Here are some photos of my setup and me hamming for the camera from the event.

RSMITHINGS - Handcrafted Surrealism by Richard Smith - setup

RSMITHINGS - Handcrafted Surrealism by Richard Smith  - RAW Artists

RSMITHINGS - Handcrafted Surrealism by Richard Smith - the artist

And here’s a quick video of the construction of my booth sign – also handcrafted, of course:

What do you think? Have you ever been a part of a group project involving a creative passion? Do you go to craft fairs, buy things from Etsy or collect local art? Let us hear from you in the comments.

Mobile photography as of late

I don’t market myself as a photographer or even claim to be one. But I do take tons of pictures all the time. Some of these make it into my surrealist photomontage art over at, but others I’m content to just share for fun with minor edits (also done 100% via iPhone, like my art). Here are a few from this year so far that have enjoyed positive reception over at my Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and Pinterest presences.

Alpaca Time - Richard Smith

Alpaca Time – Richard Smith

New Art Park Downtown

New Art Park Downtown – Richard Smith

Dat Duck Doe

Dat Duck Doe – Richard Smith

Sunspots Original 1a

Sunspots Original 1a – Richard Smith (see the complete Sunspots here)

My cat, Zoe

Zoe May Be Part Teddy Bear – Richard Smith

What do you think? Do you take photos for use later or do you prefer to go with what’s there in the moment? Do you use your smartphone as a primary camera? Let us hear from you in the comments!

Extended Revision Intended as Definition

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Forward, Behind, Today - Richard Smith -

Forward, Behind, Today – Richard Smith – Via

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Let Love In - Richard Smith -

Let Love In – Richard Smith – Via

April Is National Poetry Month.


Who’s Your Poetry BFF?

In the spirit of National Poetry Month, here’s a quiz from Grammarly, a cool online grammar tool. As an English major, I found this fun in a geeky way. I got Maya Angelou. I’m cool with that, interestingly enough. See how you do — is it accurate? Share your results in the comments!