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It’s been one long month. So far.


I did this post with the WordPress app via my iPhone. I created this image with the app, Decim8. Hence, this making the technology category. I did this mainly because it’s been too long since the last post, and because this December has been one very busy month. Phew.

Friendly Fireman: Single Image Sundays

Friendly Fireman

I met this fellow last week. He is actually a fireman. And he was friendly enough to let me take his picture. I explained that it would end up in a wild edit and showed him some examples on the spot with my phone. He was cool with that. And here we are. Check out more like this at my Pinterest, Flickr, iPhoneArt, Instagram, or 500px collections.

What do you think? Ever met someone randomly and asked if you could take their picture? How’d that go? Let us hear from you in the comments.