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These Really Cool Sites Featured My Art

And I’m not just saying they’re really cool only because they featured my art — although in my biased opinion, I do think they have excellent taste. Go have a look to see my creations in their venues and explore around their sites to discover other great art. Follow their social media channels and sign up for their newsletters if you enjoy a regular dose of visual inspiration.



Mutantspace, based in Ireland, is primarily a blog but also produces monthly art cabarets and an annual DIY Arts festival called the Trash Culture Revue. The site regularly updates with unique visuals by artists from around the world, in addition to its unique coverage of food, cultural politics, literature and other topics. It features several of my favorite works, along with a brief writeup.



Surrealism.co is a website promoting Surrealism and Surreal Art and Artists, serving as a blog for the site Surrealism Today, which covers contemporary surrealism, fantastic, and visionary art from around the world and web. Several of my works are included at Surrealism.co, where I am a featured artist. This feature also includes an exclusive writeup from me, expounding on the senses of connection and transcendence I appreciate in the surreal category.

Artslant India

Artslant India

ArtSlant is a multimedia platform committed to providing a social perspective on art. The site includes three of my works under the “Surrealism From Nature” theme, served as part of its India branch. The site also has branches in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, London, Paris, São Paulo, Toronto, and China.

Mountain Record

Mountain Record

Mountain Record: The Zen Practitioner’s Journal is published by Dharma Communications at Zen Mountain Monastery at Mount Tremper, New York. The publication features a crop of my image, “In Spatium (Appear In The Distance)” as accompaniment to one of its stories, having been spotted by Mountain Record editors via Flickr. It appears  in the issue, “Ancestors,” with an essay called “The Return of Ma ah shra true ee, the Giant Serpent” by Leslie Marmon Silko.

Photo One

Photo One

The Photo One project exists “to gather of talented photograph artists from different countries of the world and share their artworks with the art lovers through our website,” with the long-term aim of establishing a “bridge between east and west cultures via photographic art, and to become a new breath in the universal art.” The site features one of my favorite works, “In Spatium (Appear In The Distance)” as a monthly Editor Award piece, among many other fine artists.

Art Revolution

Art Revolution

The recently-established social network for artists, Art Revolution, featured one of my works across its social media channels, going to its thousands of followers. There is no “featured artists” area in its website as of this writing, but it is very active on FacebookInstagram, Ello, and Tumblr – all featuring The Oracle, shown here.

Neu Tymes

Neu Tymes

Greece-based Neu Tymes supports “young extraordinary persons and teams on many fields of culture, contemporary art and its applications.” The site’s goal is “the unique presentation and design that captures really interesting persons and collaborations with true value of what they are involved until now and their creative steps to the future with full world wide exposure.” The site features five of my most popular creations, and is regularly updated with unique art from around the globe.

Houseplant Or Treehouse?

HousePlant Or TreeHouse - Richard SmithIf you dig this, go see my more formal stuff over at RSMITHINGS.com. Here, I’m just having fun with some shots snapped while walking the dog one afternoon. He had fun by peeing every 100 feet. Our block belongs to him now. Check out the source components below at Flickr.


What do you think? Ever mix photos together? Do you enjoy collage or photomontage as an art form? Any advice for dog walking? Let us hear from you in the comments!

Mobile photography as of late

I don’t market myself as a photographer or even claim to be one. But I do take tons of pictures all the time. Some of these make it into my surrealist photomontage art over at RSMITHINGS.com, but others I’m content to just share for fun with minor edits (also done 100% via iPhone, like my art). Here are a few from this year so far that have enjoyed positive reception over at my Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and Pinterest presences.

Alpaca Time - Richard Smith

Alpaca Time – Richard Smith

New Art Park Downtown

New Art Park Downtown – Richard Smith

Dat Duck Doe

Dat Duck Doe – Richard Smith

Sunspots Original 1a

Sunspots Original 1a – Richard Smith (see the complete Sunspots here)

My cat, Zoe

Zoe May Be Part Teddy Bear – Richard Smith

What do you think? Do you take photos for use later or do you prefer to go with what’s there in the moment? Do you use your smartphone as a primary camera? Let us hear from you in the comments!

New Works: Surrealism From Nature

Until We Meet Again Come view the most recent works added to the RSMITHINGS.com portfolio of surreal photomontage creations. Three new pieces have just been added: “Until We Meet Again” (above), “Transitional,” and “Be The Butterfly” (below, respectively). Each came about only in the last few weeks or months, and rides along a theme of nature and mystery, incorporating elements from my local area. Links to source files also illustrate the creation process in these pieces. “Be The Butterfly” is even available for purchase for a limited time through Fine Art International. Transitional Be The Butterfly

What do you think? Have you created any art lately? Ever thought about selling your artwork? Have you ever discovered a favorite new artist online? Let us hear from you in the comments.

Surreal Photomontage Creations from The Everyday

In Spatium (Appear In The Distance)

Check out the latest additions to the RSMITHINGS.com portfolio of surreal photomontage creations. Three new works have just been added: “In Spatium” (pictured here), “Divination,” and “Only So Much To Learn.” Each uses elements from my recent travels, neighborhood snapshots, and otherwise ordinary objects or scenes. My site also features the source images that comprise the final creations.

What do you think? Do you create visual art on a regular basis? Are you a fan of surrealism? Who are your favorite visual artists? Let us hear from you in the comments.

Olloclip Macro Lens and Quick Clip Case for iPhone Review

Macro, close-up photography via smartphone opens a whole new world of detail and interesting possibilities for mobile photographers.

Olloclip macro lens and Quick Flip case

Olloclip macro lens and Quick Flip case.

And for the more committed practitioners, I definitely recommend stepping up to the Olloclip macro lens.

I happened upon Olloclip’s booth at the SXSW trade show recently, and after a hands-on look at the lens and accompanying Quick Flip case (impressive engineering in its own right), I bought one on the spot thanks to the show special of getting a free case with a lens purchase. Gotta’ love trade shows.

The whole outfit is deliberately and intelligently engineered. The system is everything an accessory lens should be: easy, convenient, strong, affordable; and the case is really what sold me, since it solves for my major gripe of having to otherwise remove a case or deal with a less desirable alternative (such as an adhesive magnet, or just manually holding the lens to the iPhone). I also dig the futuristic, sleek design of the case — it has almost a cyborg-esque feel and even allows for tripod attachment.

Here’s a video review of the case itself:

And here’s a look at my first project with the Olloclip Macro lens:

Macro Budding Cactus Flower

“Budding Time”
This is a close look at a budding cactus from my kitchen with a little extra lens flare. What’s extra cool to me is that some of the flare spots happened organically, and so that inspired me to add a little more via the LensFlare app. I did some post-processing with Dynamic Light, and voila: surrealism macro magic.

Feather at Regular and Macro View:

feather macro

Here’s a feather from a pillow on my kitchen table at regular view, then at 21x via the Olloclip lens, with no post-processing. You can actually count the individual barbules. Also, I’m excited to use the word “barbules” in a blog post.

These results speak for themselves. While there are a number of macro lenses available for smartphones, Olloclip has gotten it right at every level.

I’ve long been a fan of my previous macro lens made by Olloclip’s competitor, Photojojo, and at $20, it’s still one heckuva deal — a great way to get familiar with the possibilities of macro photography via smartphone. But for a bit more up front ($70 for the Olloclip macro lens), you get much more overall. Pair it with the Quick Flip case, and you’ll be set for some serious macro fun for a long time to come.

What do you think? Ever used an accessory lens for smartphone photography? Or for traditional camera photography? What’s a discovery you’ve treated yourself to lately? Let us hear from you in the comments.

Instagram Alternatives: A Guest Post by Me

If you’re into Instagram or are curious about alternatives, see this guest post I wrote for Inkifi, a print maker of Instagram images. I cover five decent alternatives in detail (for bonus points, add me as rsmithing if you’re already on ’em: 1,2,3,4,5). And please take a moment to comment at the Inkifi post if you can — thanks!

Instagram Alternatives